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  • Duration: 80+ Hours

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90+ marks in Class 11 Accounts Exam is now easy with Vijay Adarsh Classes. This course covers all chapters and topics according to the latest NCERT curriculum, providing complete conceptual clarity and in-depth knowledge.


This course is taught from most popular book T S Grewal which is easily available from book stores.  


This course covers 20 Chapters that includes 100+ lectures, soft copy of study material, quick revision notes, past year board papers, free doubt session and many more.


In this Accountancy class 11th Course we start from concepts of chapter then we take you through basic conceptual questions and finally we take you to advance level questions so that you can face Board Exam easily and score high marks in final exam.


Key Features of Our Class 11 Accounts Courses:

Complete Syllabus Coverage: This course covers the entire Class 11 Accounts syllabus.

In-Depth Concept Discussion: We provide thorough explanations and solve over 700 practical questions.

TS Grewal Book: The course follows the TS Grewal textbook for structured learning.

CBSE Board Coverage: This course is tailored to meet the CBSE Board's requirements.

MCQ Coverage: Full coverage of multiple-choice and objective-type questions.

Course Validity: Access is valid until 31st March of relevant session.

PDF Notes: Comprehensive notes are provided in PDF format.

Doubt Resolution: Ask your doubts anytime via WhatsApp.

Bilingual Lectures: All lectures are delivered in a mix of Hindi and English.


Class 11th Accounts Syllabus Overview:

Introduction to Accounting: Understanding the basics and purpose of accounting.

Basic Accounting Terms: Familiarization with fundamental accounting terminology.

Theory Base of Accounting: Introduction to accounting standards and Indian Accounting Standards (Ind-AS).

Bases of Accounting: Exploring different accounting bases and methods.

Accounting Equation: Understanding the fundamental accounting equation and its applications.

Accounting Procedures - Debit and Credit Rules: Learning the rules governing debit and credit entries.

Origin of Transactions: Understanding source documents and voucher preparation.

Journal: Recording transactions in the journal.

Ledger: Maintaining ledger accounts.

Special Purpose Books I - Cash Book: Understanding and managing cash transactions.

Special Purpose Books II - Other Books: Introduction to other specialized accounting books.

Accounting for Goods and Services Tax (GST): Understanding GST and its accounting implications.

Bank Reconciliation Statement: Reconciling bank transactions with the company's records.

Trial Balance: Preparing and understanding trial balances.

Depreciation: Accounting for depreciation of assets.

Provision and Reserves: Understanding provisions and reserves in accounting.

Rectification of Errors: Identifying and rectifying accounting errors.

Financial Statements of Sole Proprietorship: Preparing financial statements for sole proprietorship businesses.

Adjustments in Preparation of Financial Statements: Making necessary adjustments in financial statements.

Accounting from Incomplete Records - Single Entry System: Understanding and managing accounting with single entry system.

This comprehensive syllabus covers all essential topics in Class 11 Accounts, providing students with a strong foundation in accounting principles and practices


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About the Author

Author: Vijay Adarsh

Vijay Adarsh is a Successful Online Educator and Coach. He is the most enthusiastic, dynamic, informative, and result oriented coach. He is a commerce graduate from Delhi University. After completing (Hons) from Delhi University, he completed his post-graduation and LLB. He started teaching students and motivating people at the age of 17 and possesses vast experience of teaching for more than 21 Years. Awards: "Gems of India Award" from K. G. Balakrishnan (former Chief Justice of India, Supreme Court) in Constitution Club of India, New Delhi, India.

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  • Course covers in-depth knowledge of the subject. You Will Get Live Recorded Lectures including Study Material in soft copy which can be assessed through android app.

  • After payment, we will share link download link/Android App Link to your email address. After activation, you can play all videos and access pdf. All topics are explained step by step in very simple language that is easy to understand.

  • You can access entire course material up to final exam or 1 Year*. You can access course contents on one device.

  • All Courses are explained in Hindi Language (80% Hindi and 20% English). You will really find it easy to learn and enjoy the lectures since they are designed with simple yet in-depth explanations.

  • You may ask your doubts related to the course in WhatsApp via text, image or audio. We will happy to solve your query.

  • No, you may make your own notes while watching StayLearning Video Lecture.

  • Yes, we provide soft copy (pdf or image) of Notes and Assignments.

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